Time is still on the Grasslands; specially prepared film + performance for event at Augsburg Festival Oct 2018.

Grasslands Dream Of Electric Sheep

"Grasslands Dream of Electric Sheep" is an atmospheric ambient sound sculpture by Robin Storey (UK) in cooperation with Mystified (USA). The musicians and visual artists Robin Storey (born 1955) is the founder of the legendary post-industrial band Zoviet France (and even today with his solo Veroeffentlichungen as Rapoon) a pioneering figure in the development of experimental "Sound Culture". By contrast harmonic Flaechenklaenge with a noisy, as it were "dirty" sound "Grasslands Dream of Electric Sheep" designs the sound image of a natural landscape, which gradually disappears by industrialization, land development and pollution and is defaced. The Hoer room in the cultural center abraxas is suitable for this meditation about the alteration to: Until the 1930s into it was also located on the site of today's culture house only grazing land, to this so-called "Big Uneven" the fascist barracks buildings had to give way.

Kulturhaus abraxas

Sommestrasse 30,

86156 Augsburg,