So, here is the way this interview started…

Hi Matteo,

I have a feeling you might be disappointed.

I actually have very few CD’s and Vinyls. My collection(s) got stolen twice, and i don’t listen to much other things… a couple of these have never even been played, whereas others are old friends.

I have a ton of stuff that I have been given over the years but i haven’t included these.

Best regards,


I’m not disappointed at all!! I will never stress enough the fact that Concrete Shelves is not about collecting, in fact I try to never use that term in the website and in the conversations, even if it jumps in naturally most of the times. I just love to have a look to people’s CDs, LPs or cassettes, and ask quesitons about, as I usually do each time I enter into any house, even if the guy has only a pair of Madonna’s greatest hits!

So, it’s nice to see the ones you saved… You say that these in the pictures are the records that somehow survived. “Some are old friends”, you say. Maybe you mean the late lamented Bryn Jones / Muslimgauze and/or someone in the Krautrock area? I know you worked with Joachim Roedelius of Cluster and Harmonia, and I see a lot of kraut stuff here…

I used to have on vinyl every Can record that you see here, plus the “missing” Harmonia and Cluster albums, and I believe, just about every Kraftwerk album up to “Electric Cafe” on vinyl too. The surviving vinyl are few: the “2001 soundtrack” I bought in 1969 or 1970 and I guess that is my oldest ”survivor”. I bought replacements, over the years, on CD but I miss the vinyl mostly for nostalgic reasons rather than a devotion to the vinyl “sound’. I did used to have more Muzlimgauze on vinyl and CD but they were also victims of the thefts… Funny how they left some things? Maybe even thieves don’t want the “Missa Luba” LP [see one of the picture at the end of this article]. This particular double LP was the only copy I could find which included the beautiful opening of the Congolese Mass which features on the Lindsay Anderson film “IF” starring Malcolm McDowell. I like his character in the film… I just like the opening and don’t play the rest, especially the second LP which is just a South American influenced version of the latin mass and is really quite terrible.

Speaking of Malcolm MacDowell and Lindsay Anderson, I also have great affection for “O Lucky Man”, another Anderson film which stars MacDowell and has a soundtrack by Alan Price (ex Animals). I have this on DVD along with “IF”