Recent Art Exhibitions

"Visionary Art Show" at the Tarot Society, Brooklyn, New York, May 2017

"Composited Reality" show (with Robert Pepper) at Art & Beauty in the Heights, Manhattan, New York, April 2017

2015:  Esoteric Evolution', at Casa Ecolety, Santiago, Chile, January 2015

Grasslands Dream Of Electric Sheep

"Grasslands Dream of Electric Sheep" is an atmospheric ambient sound sculpture by Robin Storey (UK) in cooperation with Mystified (USA). The musicians and visual artists Robin Storey (born 1955) is the founder of the legendary post-industrial band Zoviet France (and even today with his solo Veroeffentlichungen as Rapoon) a pioneering figure in the development of experimental "Sound Culture". By contrast harmonic Flaechenklaenge with a noisy, as it were "dirty" sound "Grasslands Dream of Electric Sheep" designs the sound image of a natural landscape, which gradually disappears by industrialization, land development and pollution and is defaced. The Hoer room in the cultural center abraxas is suitable for this meditation about the alteration to: Until the 1930s into it was also located on the site of today's culture house only grazing land, to this so-called "Big Uneven" the fascist barracks buildings had to give way.

Kulturhaus abraxas

Sommestrasse 30,

86156 Augsburg,


NOise And Whispers

a video demonstrating the physical manifestation of multiple universes with a public space and a chair.

The chair is set against a blank background and is accessible to the passing public.

The chair has a binary symbolic existence.

It can either be occupied or not occupied.

Those that chose to occupy the chair affirm it's existence.

Those that walk past leave it in a state of suspended existence. Neither confirmed nor denied.

The eyes of Brahman watch .

The sounds are those that are made when no one is listening .

They are recorded randomly and arranged into meaning.

Their very existence is chance.

The sounds of people talking ,recorded randomly, stretched and manipulated into drones and electronic whispers with traditional acoustic instruments added eg. piano and trumpet. These are also treated and manipulated.

The video is filmed in the public space with a projected video of the Eyes watching played above the chair on a blank white background.

The composite video is then re-projected onto a similar blank white wall with a similar chair placed underneath.

The “real” world interacting with a recorded projection of “another” world.

The Universe is Brahman, the One that underlies and make possible all the multiplicity; the universal consciousness that is the soul of all existence. It is the primordial no-thingness from which all things arise, the one reality whose oneness is all-inclusive; and includes all that is, or shall be. It is Brahman.

Eyes video :Johanna Devi: treatments and music Robin Storey