In 1980 Storey became a founding member of the pioneering industrial group :zoviet*france: (along with Peter Jensen and Ben Ponton)

Remaining a member until 1992 and contributing extensively to 17 of the first albums

From 1992 onwards He has released around 100 solo albums.

He has a worldwide audience with releases on labels in the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Russia and Hong Kong.

He has toured extensively in The US, Europe and Russia.

He has produced Sound loop libraries for Sony music and soundtracks for numerous independent film and television productions.

Spanning across various genres Storey’s music has remained elusive and difficult to pigeon hole. His work has also ventured into the world of sound installations and contemporary conceptual art, dance productions and film soundtrack.

He is also a visual artist who has exhibited internationally.

His second book was recently published.

“Rapoon is now active for more than thirty years and has released a countless number of masterpieces in his very own genre.”

Anxious Magazine PL