On the Border line

Book plus CD

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Catalog number SOL 199 • 176 page hardcover book • ISBN 9798988619802

Weight: 42 oz / 1200 gm • Dimensions: 12 x 8.6 x 0.8 inches / 305 x 218 cm x 21 mm Includes compact disc mounted inside book cover • Limited edition of 400 copies

“On the Borderline” is two books in one: It’s an autobiography by Robin Storey, the musician best known as Rapoon. And it’s a compre- hensive survey of his parallel career as a visual artist. Rounding out the package is compact disc containing all-new recordings, attached inside the front cover.

The majority of the book is given over to a comprehensive review of Robin Storey’s output as a visual artist. His paintings regularly appear on the jackets of his albums, but only a fraction of his work has been widely published, and the second portion of “On the Borderline” is filled with page after page of rarely seen paintings and charcoal drawings. The images are grouped chronologically, allowing readers to appreciate the progress and evolution of his artistic style. There are more than 100 pages of color and black-and-white images, starting in the 1970’s and carrying forward into 2020’s. It’s an enchanting collection of sensuously drawn charcoal nudes, abstract or impressionist patterns evoking primordial landscapes, alien voyagers, and vibrating hallucinations visible only to ancient shamans.

“On the Borderline” is a hardcover book with 176 pages, most

printed in color. A new compact disc recording “A Dark Telling” is mounted inside the cover. Limited edition of 400 copies.

CD Track List:

1. Plains of Galeshtir

2. Somnathur

3. Train to nowhere

4. Varadyn

5. An arc descends

6. Someplace in...

7. Divaresh

8. Eyam Ath

9. Speak light and listen

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